The Venus Factor System – does this formula specially designed for women really work?

After much research has been done on the metabolic rates of women and men, the Venus Factor has been introduced to meet the special needs of the feminine body to reduce the extra fat and tone the muscles.

As men and women have different sets of bodies with differed metabolic needs, there was a need of a system which would work just for women and meet the requirements of their bodies. Diets that may work well for men are not as effective when applied to women. Venus Factor is designed especially for women to shed the bulks of fat to unveil the beautiful body behind beneath it. The basic approach with which this system is designed is the Leptin sensitivity approach where introduction of certain foods in the diet result in increasing the body’s sensitivity to leptin; the hormone responsible to burn extra fat in the body and prevent it from getting stored. Though women have a greater amount of this hormone present in their bodies as compared to men, they are less sensitive to it. This means even though something great is manufactured in your body, in order to utilize it to the fullest extent something extra must be done. The Venus Factor increases the leptin’s sensitivity in the body, resulting in ultimate weight loss and the perfect body shape.

What Are Its Highlights?
The main highlights of the Venus Factor are quite a lot and are enough to deliver what the system actually promises about. It includes an easy workout plan where exercises can be selected from the manual and help can also be taken from the video demonstrations. This amazing feature helps the users to perform the exercises in the right way and thoroughly enjoy the exercise routines. The Venus Factor manual is also present with all the information needed to achieve success with the weight loss mission. The tiniest details are included as to help the users every step of the way.

The Venus Factor system also includes a Virtual Nutritionist application which is designed to help every woman in a different way. The creator of the program, John Barban believes that every woman has a different body and a different metabolism according to which he has designed this program. The Virtual Nutritionists calculates each woman’s caloric intake separately by calculating three different ratios of their bodies which determine what diet should be consumed and what workout regime should be followed to attain the desired results.

Another spectacular feature is the Venus Community which is a member’s only forum and where women can communicate with each other sharing their true weight loss stories and gaining confidence and building stamina by hearing from others. Tips and questions can be exchanged through this unique community feature.

Does It Compromise on the Body’s Health?
As everybody knows that weight loss not only leads to a much improved body but also raises the self esteem and builds up confidence to face others. The Venus Factor genuinely wants its users to have it all, a perfectly toned and lean body with the provision of health and nutrition simultaneously. It actually helps in building muscle so women remain strong, energetic and healthy always.

The Venus Factor – A Smart Eating Lifestyle!

The Venus Factor is one health program which will afford women feeling more energetic, in a gratifying mood along with an elevated metabolism and in an overall state of well being.

Women Are More Prone To Leptin Resistivity Than Men

Obesity among women is disseminating as a content of a displeasing issue globally. Obesity brings up inadequate self confidence issues among women and unfolds the way for eating disorders. For all the obese women out there, who are at the convexity of dashing hopes with all the weight control fitness products that they have examined so far and not wangle to drop off a single pound, The Venus Factor will be a ray of hope for them.venus-factor4

It is a fitness course created by the famous John Barban who happens to be a skilled dietitian and a well known health and fitness expert who has made a name and a brand for himself by negating the most popular fitness and nutrition research that has been around for decades. John was a dedicated professional to the ideology of being the best that an individual can be physically and nutritionally.

After conducting several researches John reached to a supposal that the functionality, bodily property of muscles and salutation to exercise by men is utterly different from that in women. Men shed pounds much quicker than women and muscle fortifies in the place of body fat. As for women, it is not such a simple task to perform. Women cannot easily develop muscle and make it last out.

John Barban educates all the Venus Factor users regarding Leptin, which happens to be the key component of The Venus Factorprogram. Leptin is a protein hormone with authoritative validness in shaping and regularizing body weight, metabolism and reproductive function of a human body. Women are more prone to leptin resistivity than men.

An Approach Which Does Not Promise Overnight Results

There are a variety of causes leptin resistivity is coupled with corpulency. Leptin holds back the appetite, energy consumption, expenditure, hunger, metabolism and behavior. The enactment of leptin in getting rid of excessive unwanted body fat is vindicated in this program so that women get to learn what actually is happening in their body and how to keep it in line.

The Venus Factor is not just an extreme diet plan, a kilocalorie handling scheme or a famishment routine pretence as a real diet. It is basically a smart eating lifestyle grounded in the science of Leptin. The smart eating diet plan the program offers takes in cognition of the importance of the Leptin hormone.

Nevertheless, The Venus Factor is one weight control system which takes into account what most other health courses do not. The bodily properties, discrepancy, response and other body requirements of men are different from women. The Venus Factor is one program which only accentuates on women. It consists of a Venus index calculator which provides women with the ratio of their weight and height, however, it varies from woman to woman. Admittedly, The Venus Factor is an honest approach and it does not claim to render overnight prompt results. John Barban, the man behind The Venus Factor has done all the legwork for women and here he is with the best health tips, useful advices and instructions which give women a boost.

No Pricey Workout Equipments Are Required

The entire guidebook is written in easy to understand wordings and the variety of explanation of the whole exercise routine is ordered and adhesive. This wonderful weight control product is considered to have revolutionized the weight loss, fat burning and mood control procedures. The dieting regimen this course offers includes a listing of food and nutriments for every meal which saves women from monotonous browsing which occupies half of their time.

No pricey workout equipments are required. Women do not inevitably have to get a gym membership or shop for instrumentations needed to perform these workouts. Moreover, The Venus Factor is based on scientifically proven weight loss methods and approaches. It is especially created for those women who have 10lbs or more to shed. Basically it is a twelve week long workout program which is not only developed to get women to cast off excessive pounds but also to end up with a slimmer, fitter and toned body which they have never seen before.

This exercise plan will take them from fat to fit in just a matter of three months. As mentioned earlier, there is no need for special workout tools or instrumentations as every single exercise can be carried through either at the gym or in the pleasance of their own homes.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The weight loss manual makes women learn all the significant stuff about female fat loss. It teaches them that getting fatter does not mean they have an exempt to overlook their fitness and health. In addition, The Venus Factor is one health program which will afford women feeling more energetic, in a gratifying mood along with an elevated metabolism and in an overall state of well being.

The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist is an app which renders women with a couple of additions. It will specify and estimate their exact protein and kilo calorie requirements that they require to get the body they have always dreamed of.

The Venus Index Podcast is the place to go get the inside story on other fellow members who have hanged in the Venus Factor to success. Only private online member are allowed to access to The Venus Community, where they can catch up and connect with other members who have been keeping up with this course. Women can even start running their own web log or join in the group meetings for as much interaction they want. The best part about The Venus Factor program is that it promises 100% customer gratification and 60 day money back guarantee.

The Venus Factor Helps Women Shake Up Their Daily Routine And Melt Those Last Stubborn Pounds

Women will be able to check up on their entire progression here and stay propelled to slim down, eat healthy, burn fat and ultimately find their perfect body weight.

A 12 Week Long Weight Loss Program

Weight crops up when people consume more calories than their body depletes. If the food they drops in puts up with more calories than their body requires, the unnecessary is turned into fat. As we all are aware of the fact that obesity is mainly caused by eating too much and moving too little. People who take in high amounts of energy from their diet explicitly from fat and sugars but do not unloose the energy through exertion or following a workout plan, much of the excess energy is then stored by the body as fat. Obesity springs up moderately with time not just overnight, as a result of unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle choices such as eating large amounts of junk food which is high in fat and sugar or lack of exercises or exertion are all factors related to obesity.

No wonder obesity is one of the biggest health problems in the world. The worst part is it goes around with countless life threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, dementia and several others. Here is a workout program “The Venus Factor” which is specifically created for women all around the world. Get a boney, sculpted physique with this revolutionary fat burning weight control course which combines a great strength-training workout plan along with easy to follow cardio exercise regimens that will help women get rid of stubborn pounds in a blink of an eye.

It is basically a 12 week long weight loss program which makes women neglect those magic powder or dietary supplements, extreme crash diet plans, back-breaking exercise regimens and workout instruments that simply just fail to work and however only result in willpower crushing cravings.

A Ton Of Body Type Specific Workouts To Choose From

This program is a combination of heavy and lighter weight resistance training, body type specific workout plans and tractability work which helps delineate sleek muscles causing women to drop off inches in the process. The workout plan this system contains helps with burning and toning a woman’s body. This fitness course helps women shake up their daily routine and melt those last stubborn pounds with these easy to follow exercises that help them burn calories, ostracize cellulite and drop off excessive weight. If getting slimmer is a woman’s goal this year, they can settle on from a ton of body type specific workouts. Finding a body type workout that women enjoy doing makes their workouts more pleasant and gratifying. They are then more likely to stick to it.

The bodyweight exercises mentioned inside the course enhances their core strength and range of motion so when they travel along the exercise regimen again, they will perform even better than before. Women should perform these easy to follow exercises back-to-back with little to no rest between moves. However, they need to incorporate this workout for 12 weeks to sculpt every inch of their body. It also helps strengthen targets and tones regions of the human body which generally causes troubles for females.

Higher Levels Of Leptin Upgrades A Speedy Metabolism

Exercise is merely just one part of this weight control program. Women are also required to revamp their eating habits and set about on a weight training course. They should also keep in mind that dropping off unwanted pounds is not as easy as it sounds on Tv diet commercials. It takes a lot more commitment and then after a couple of weeks, their motivation finally begins to flag. This program consists of a virtual nutritionist app which lets women know exactly what and when to eat over a 12 week interval.

John Barban, the man behind this innovational weight control program is an established fitness professional and expert in nutrition and physiology. While he was performing experimentation on human metabolism, he found out an eye-popping reciprocity between weight loss in women and a hormone known as Leptin which is made by fat cells that modulates the amount of fat stored in the body. Higher levels of Leptin in women’s bodies upgrades a speedy metabolism and even more quick weight loss. However, low levels of Leptin alerts women’s bodies to store fat. This weight control program comes with a comprehensive manual which helps women apprehend why fat loss in women and men is different and exactly how Leptin hormone is going to help them accomplish their weight loss goals.

Target Your Trouble Zones With A Fresh Challenge For 12 Weeks

This program also contains a 12 week nutrition guide which has an astounding list of foods to say no to so that women do not wreck their fat loss success. It is a scientifically designed eating program which is going to swap a woman’s body over to fat burning mode. It contains healthy recipes and nutrition advice for what to eat during each day. Undoubtedly, it gives women fresh motivation and a new challenge at the beginning of each month. The system consists of a tracking tool which makes women track their entire progress. Here women are required to enter their measurements to count on the kilocalories and proteins their body demands for each week of the course.

Women will be able to check up on their entire progression here and stay propelled to slim down, eat healthy, burn fat and ultimately find their perfect body weight. The chief diet plan helps women with encouraging fat loss in regions that tend to be an issue for them including the thighs, bottom, hips and abdomen and restoring Leptin sensitivity. From flat abs to thin legs, women can target their trouble zones with a fresh challenge for 12 weeks.

Moreover, The Venus Community is an online forum where not only coaching and extra training is provided but as well as the interaction with other women. Here they can share their gratifying and supporting weight loss journey with the fellow users.

The Venus Factor Reviews – Fastest & The Most Credible Women Weight Loss System

Due to its high credibility and effectiveness, The Venus Factor has earned tremendous success and popularity in the weight loss field. It is a 12-week fitness or diet workout, specifically designed for women to lose all the unwanted and displeasing fat from their bodies.

Weight loss is definitely the hardest challenge almost every woman has to go through during a specific period of her life. Most women are not willing to keep up with this challenge as weight loss requires considerable effort and determination to not give up until the desired weight is attained. Such women are highly displeased with their bodies and remain disappointed in not being able to find the perfect weight loss workout that can burn down body fat in a fast and easy manner.


To the surprise of such women, there exists a brilliant weight loss workout which has the extraordinary capability to cut down entire female body fat in just a matter of twelve weeks. This workout is called The Venus Factor. It is a diet plan that is specially designed for women in context to the role of hormone leptin in the process of gaining and losing of weight by the female body. Moreover, the program is built and supported through scientific facts and research whose main objective is aimed at female body’s fat reduction and how its metabolism works to shape up woman physique.


About The Author & How He Came Up With The Venus Factor:

John Barban, the creator behind the phenomenal Venus Factor is a renowned fitness professional and world-class expert in biology, physiology, and nutrition. This man has remained highly successful in assisting men achieve the perfect weight loss. Recently, he has turned his attention towards women weight loss and with this astounding product, John Barban has accomplished tremendous success and popularity.


During Barban’s research on human metabolism, he revealed some striking facts about the role of hormone leptin in women weight loss. The foundation of the laser-focused approach is based on such surprising facts and fortunately, this approach most definitely works as reported by a great number of women already using The Venus Factor.

The Problem Of Leptin Resistance In Women:

John Barban has proposed that the key to a successful weight loss is metabolism but, the key to healthy and active metabolism is leptin. It is a natural hormone produced by the adipose fat tissue which carries the function to regulate body weight.  In contrast to men, women are increasingly prone to leptin resistance and this is the phenomenon which links women to obesity. Leptin levels in women reduce to a great extent when they are dieting and this in turn results in the slowing down of metabolism. This eventually results in women experiencing a weight loss plateau, or unnecessary weight gain.

The Only Ultimate Solution To Leptin Resistance In Women:

The Venus Factor has addressed the solution to this problem of leptin resistance in women.  Through this workout plan, women can reset their bodies to the way they respond to hormone leptin. In response to this, a process called the metabolic override will initiate in which the fat burning hormone will start to work effectively in losing the gained mass.

John Barban formulated this guide as an easy and convenient workout plan. It is definitely not difficult but it does require complete dedication in order to attain the expected outcome. This diet plan does not ask women to give up the foods they can’t even go a day without eating and there is no requirement of arduous workout routines. The whole package is designed to give women a weight loss experience attained in a healthy, safe, and pleasing manner.

What Does The Venus Factor Bring To Women?

Some special facts include:

  • Women will definitely find this product as a life changing workout plan.
  • In just about 2 months (12 weeks), women will be amazed to see their perfectly lean physique with no hanging mass.
  • This program is not just about losing weight, it’s also about getting women that sexy and beautiful figure they have always dreamt of.
  • John Barban has only made this for women keeping in mind the special way their metabolism responds to leptin levels. Therefore, this solution is a unique and never-done-before approach.
  • The Venus Factor workout focuses on the entire body with more importance given to usual weight-gaining parts such as belly, waist, hips, and thighs. It works out efficiently to not only degrade the mass but, also to shape and tone these troubled body parts.
  • Adding to its greatness, the guide is free of extra hectic stuff, endless exercises, special diet intake, and other dietary pills.

Dropping up to three dress sizes within a week is the promise The Venus Factor has offered to women. Everything about this weight loss workout is so appealing that influential bloggers and fitness authors from all over the world have submitted a great number of reviews about this product and continue to do so. The best compliment it has received from almost all of these reviewers is that it is a must have for all those women who failed at losing weight from other workout plans or diets.

How Does The Venus Factor Help Women?

The health plan comprises of the following features:

  • It provides women with helpful tips about keeping a balance between having their favorite foods and shaping up their bodies.
  • There is a step-by-step manual that will guide women about the important steps targeting fat reduction.
  • It also includes a brilliant application called The Virtual Nutritionist which will help women to calculate the calories and proteins their bodies need to get into the ideal shape.
  • There is a special community for those women who are the members of this program, The V- Community, through which they can communicate, share tips, and get to write their own blog or experience with this workout plan.
  • In the podcast, there are detailed inside stories from those women who already had their experience with this product and remained successful in getting the desired weight.

Additionally, women who are not satisfied with The Venus Factor purchase are offered a 60-day money back guarantee by John Barban. This proves that the author has his credibility and highly believes in his product guaranteeing women a life changing experience.